Black Tungsten Inlayed Rings has done it again. Their exquisite line of unique tungsten wedding rings has been expanded even further by introducing a new collection of black tungsten inlayed rings. Menstungstenonline creates their black tungsten by processing their tungsten with a black ceramic and carbon making the ring solid black all the way through and not just covered with a black plating. These amazing rings are inlayed by rare and unique materials such as wood, meteorite, antler and dinosaur bone. Since the rings are made custom here in our shop, you can guarantee that every ring is unique and unlike any other. The first ring of this collection will be released in the month of November. The band is the an 8mm wide, black tungsten, with a Buckeye Wood inlay. Buckeye wood is an exquisite hard wood that has color ranges from bright yellow to dark green. We hand pick the wood to ensure that the ring shows interesting color and texture.  The buckeye wood then goes through a treatment process to dry it out and create a durable hardwood masterpiece.  You will not be disappointed. The band is beautifully finished with a beveled edge, infinity polish and treated with our own ring armor that protects the wood from wear, moisture and scratching. These rings are completely waterproof and will last a lifetime, making them a perfect choice for a wedding band. Enter the special promo code HOL$30,  upon checkout,  for a $30 discount on all rings.

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