Can you resize a tungsten ring?

Can you resize a Tungsten Ring?

As trends relating to both fashion jewelry and wedding bands evolve at pace, tungsten rings are quickly emerging to become frontrunners in what is an increasingly crowded race for supremacy. The old school of traditional ring metals such as gold and silver, not to mention two-tone rings that are made up of those particular materials, are starting to fall to the back of the pack, if not yet falling completely from the radar.
Of course, as new trends emerge, there are always going to be questions surrounding them. Is this product really better than what came before? Does this represent the future, or another fad anointed the next big thing that we’ll forget in a years’ time?
Tungsten rings have had both of those questions asked of them, and we’d like to think both have been answered emphatically. However, others still exist, specifically surrounding the resizing of tungsten rings.
Is it Possible?
There is no point in beating around the bush or having a big build up just to prove a letdown. It is almost impossible to resize tungsten rings, and as a result, very few, if any, jewelers or retailers will advertise services to do so. However, you should not immediately think that this is a negative. In fact, it is a huge positive. It is indicative of the properties of tungsten that makes it such a desirable metal for wearing as a ring or another piece of jewelry in the first place.
Properties of Tungsten
What are the properties that makes tungsten ring resizing so difficult?
• Up to ten times harder than 14k gold
• Up to four times harder than platinum
• Melting point well in excess of 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit

These contribute to tungsten’s reputation as a strong and durable material, perfect for standing up to the demands of modern life. In addition, the permanent polish and scratch resistance of tungsten means that is even more appealing, both as a wedding band and as a personal purchase or gift.
Despite these benefits being more than what other materials can offer, there is likely to be some apprehension prior to buying a tungsten ring. This is understandable. If you get married at the age of 21, it is unlikely that you will be exactly the same shape and size in 30 or 40 years’ time. Some might change even quicker than that. You won’t want to remove your tungsten ring, particularly if worn for a special, particular reason.
With resizing out of the equation, however, there is a solution at hand.

How to Resize a Tungsten Ring
Although you cannot resize your actual ring owing to the properties listed earlier, a smart decision when buying the ring in the first place will mean your ring can be dealt with.
Whenever you buy a tungsten ring, ensure you do so with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. As there is no way to resize your ring, the least a seller should do is offer to replace your existing ring for one the correct size. After all, they were happy to take your money when you purchased the product knowing it couldn’t be resized.

What to Look Out For
When you find a seller that guarantees replacement rings, there are a number of factors to consider.
• Does the seller replace your ring free of charge, or will you be hit with a fee simply because your body has changed and you need a new product? Is shipping included in any cost?
• If you have a custom laser engraving on your tungsten ring, will this be added to your new product? Again, is this free of charge?
• Is it a lifetime guarantee, meaning you can replace the ring as often as you need? This might sound like a ‘wow’ offer, but the reality is it isn’t unreasonable, given how rarely you will probably need to change your tungsten ring size.
If a seller is able to tick every box, and provides these pointers in writing, then you should definitely buy your tungsten ring from them.

Your Tungsten Ring
Do not be railroaded into thinking that a tungsten ring is a purchase to avoid simply because it cannot be resized. If anything, this is a positive aspect of owning a tungsten ring as it pays testament to the qualities and characteristics of the material and the product itself. If you know that you can simply replace your ring with a dazzling new one, why wouldn’t you take up the offer?

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