Free Laser Engraving

Many people desire the option of customizing their tungsten carbide jewelry. Traditionally with gold, titanium, and platinum rings, jewelers would etch the desired engraving onto the jewelry.  However, Tungsten Carbide is much different from traditional metals. Due to the extreme hardness of tungsten carbide traditional etching will result in a non-attractive and sometimes result in weakening of the ring itself.

Mens Tungsten Online recommends that ANY engraving for tungsten carbide jewelry should be performed with a laser engraver. Laser engraving does not damage the tungsten in any way. No force is applied to the ring, all engraving is performed by computer controlled lasers that can precisely etch the desired message into an ultra sharp and crisp finished product regardless of the size of the text.  Laser engraving is precise, clean, and state of the art to assure that your tungsten carbide ring or wedding band comes out looking right the first time.


Every page in the checkout process has a box you can select for the laser engraving options (just below the size selection); this is where you select your engraving options.  Remember, we are the only tungsten ring retailer that allows returns on laser engraved rings! Please allow an additional working day for engraved orders.


We do provide engraving services for anyone who did not purchase the ring from us.  When you do send it to us please do not enclose the ring box as it may get misplaced. The fees below do include USPS FirstClass shipping for US orders. Our Fees are:

  • Inside Ring Text = $40
  • Outside Ring Text = $40
  • Custom Pattern/imagery Outside = Contact us for pricing
  • We also have special pricing for bulk orders and continuous business - Contact us for pricing

Custom Laser Engraving

Many customers choose to put a custom laser engraved logo on their tungsten ring. Our craftsman have been engraving tungsten rings for years and have perfected the art. Whether it be a family crest, masonic symbol, class ring, sports team, or military symbol we can do it. For custom engraving orders, please contact us directly before ordering so that we can determine the complexity of the logo (we may have to add a graphic design fee if it is very complex). If you would like your engraving to stand out, we would recommend putting it on a black tungsten wedding ring. Nevertheless, all of our products are engravable tungsten rings.

Ideas for Engraving

  • Wedding Date
  • GPS coordinate of a significant location (ie: where you were engaged or married)
  • Wedding Verse or Scripture
  • Your Wedding Song
  • I chose you
  • Found Love
  • Grow old with you
  • Yours forever
  • Eternally yours
  • For life
  • Love of my life
  • Gotcha!
  • You are my reason
  • Today and forever
  • With all my love
  • United as one
  • You own my heart
  • My soul mate!
  • Someone to love
  • Finally happy
  • From this day …
  • My solemn vow
  • Forever in love
  • Mine, all mine
  • XOXO
  • Happily ever after
  • I finally found you
  • I made a secret wish
  • Put it back on!