Tungsten rings and Tungsten Wedding Rings are still growing in popularity, and today stand on the cusp of powering forward to become a market-leading product.  Here are some of the most intriguing, interesting, and surprising statistics about the tungsten ring industry.

The Production Process

A Tungsten Wedding ring isn’t (at least, most of them aren’t) produced from 100% tungsten.  A tungsten ring is actually tungsten carbide, which is an alloy of tungsten, carbon, and other trace elements, such as nickel.

The first step in the production process is to mix the three elements in powder form.  From here, they are placed in high-pressure molds in the shape of a tube, before being baked in an oxygen-free furnace at temperatures in excess of 6000°F.

Once baked and cooled, the tubes are cut with diamond tools and the rings extracted.  The rings then go through a process known as diamond polishing; we polish the rings three times each with three different diamond polishes.  This gives tungsten carbide rings their famous everlasting shine.

That’s how you make a Tungsten Wedding ring, but who wears them?  Here are some of our favorite numbers from the industry.


The number of US men who wear a matching engagement ring along with their fiancée.  At the same time, various studies suggest the number of women popping the question is increasing.  Are they doing it without a ring, or are men simply sticking to tradition?  Those who do want to be different might be able to find matching ‘his and hers’ tungsten engagement rings or Tungsten Wedding Rings.


A ‘white wedding’ might be the dream many people have when they’re growing up but we’d love to have met the 12% of men who prefer black Tungsten Wedding Rings when they were younger!  Black tungsten wedding bands are a popular product in the industry!


The number of men in the United States who prefer a tungsten carbide wedding band to one made from gold, the traditional wedding band metal.  This number is set to grow this year, and in years to come.


Whoever said romance was dead and buried?  Nearly two out of every three married couples choose to have a personal message engraved on their Tungsten Wedding ring, although none of them were willing to specifically say what theirs’ said!  If you go for a tungsten wedding ring, you can enjoy free laser engraving with us.


Presumably, you see such a figure and assume that the bride is a very lucky lady.  She may well be, but this figure is the average sum spent on a groom’s wedding band in the United States.  Whoever said that weddings were just for women?


No, not how much of a black hole there is in the financial accounts of a Government department, but the total spend on wedding and engagement bands across the United States in 2012.

Why So Popular

While breaking from tradition and the desire for something different has driven the popularity of Tungsten Wedding rings, the attributes of tungsten carbide have been by far the biggest reason for such growth.

Unbreakable Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is 10 times harder than 14-carat gold, 4 times harder than platinum, and denser than silver, steel, and titanium.  It is almost impossible to scratch tungsten carbide, and the diamond polishing process means a tungsten ring never loses its shine.

100% tungsten jewelry is available, but doesn’t have the strength and shine characteristics of the tungsten carbide alloy.

Have a need for a Tungsten Wedding Ring, look us up, we will be happy to serve you.

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