Types of Tungsten Wedding Bands

If you are looking for a high quality, low maintenance wedding band that will last the rest of your life (or the duration of your marriage), then considering tungsten is a positive step to take.  Once you have read up on the benefits of a tungsten wedding band, then the choice is a no-brainer.  Tungsten carbide wedding bands are the strongest, most durable, and longest lasting products you can currently buy in this market.

The only thing you need to do is decide what design and style of tungsten wedding band you are looking for.  Here are your options.

Tungsten Band with Inlay

These are among the most unique products on the market.  A tungsten inlay ring will give you a wedding band that is special in many ways.

With these products, a range of materials can be sandwiched between tungsten carbide to give your ring an amazing finish.  While gold and silver represent basic options, these are far better if you look towards the more exotic materials available, such as meteorite and ivory.

Black Tungsten Bands

If you want your ring to stand out, then there are fewer better ways to do this than by going for a black wedding band.  These look brilliant if they are engraved with a message on the outside, too, as the script will appear silver.

Should black seem a touch too morbid for your tastes, you could always select a two-tone tungsten band that will allow for a slick black/tungsten contrast.

Diamond Tungsten Bands

The fact that tungsten carbide is scratch resistant until it meets diamond makes these two tough materials the perfect complement to each other.  Simple and sleek, a diamond ring set into your tungsten wedding band is a great way to give an added luster to the already brilliant color and shine.

Of course, you also have the option of going beyond just the one diamond should you really wish to take your wedding band to the next level.

Faceted Tungsten Bands

You might have chosen a tungsten wedding band because you want to move away from traditional materials.  A faceted wedding band, whether the facets are in particular places or run right around the outside of your ring, is a great way to move further from tradition.

Whether you want a simple, grooved design or something more complex and eclectic, the choice is yours.

Brushed Tungsten Bands

Whether you want a satin look that just takes the sting out of the shininess of your tungsten band, or wish to go for an aggressive brush that really dulls the color without losing any of the strength or durability, then a brushed finish is for you.

Ready-brushed rings are widely available, but you also may be able to request brushing to be carried out when you find a band that you love.

Laser Engraved Bands

Laser engraving is available with all tungsten bands, but if you want to go beyond a traditional message, you could always choose to have a pattern, a Celtic design, for example, or something else close to your heart, engraved into the exterior of the ring, giving it a unique, personal finish tailored specifically for you.