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Mens Tungsten Rings

Tungsten carbide rings are becoming more and more popular as the wedding ring of choice for today's man. Tungsten wedding rings are tough, durable, heavy duty and will hold a permanently polished surface that can withstand even the harshest conditions. But not all tungsten rings are created equal. Most tungsten jewelry manufacturers will take shortcuts and use lower quality materials which yield low quality rings that will eventually discolor, scratch, chip or shatter. We only sell the Tungsten InfinityTM collection of tungsten carbide wedding rings because they are one of the few companies that can certify the quality of their rings.

"I was looking for a new ring to replace my old gold wedding ring. Mens Tungsten Online was the right place. I love the way my new tungsten carbide wedding ring looks and the way it feels on my finger. I felt comfortable buying online because of your great warranty."
David, Tempe, AZ

"Thanks for much for all your help. You really went above and beyond to help me in such a short time. Your customer service is amazing. I will definitely shop with you again."
Callie, New York, NY

Shop Men’s Tungsten Wedding Bands and Rings

Tungsten carbide is quickly becoming the material of choice for men’s wedding bands and rings. When you choose a tungsten ring you are getting atough and durable band! Your wedding band will resist bending in the most extreme conditions, while holding its permanent polish for your lifetime.

Not all tungsten is created equal, however, and many companies produce or sell tungsten rings that are of low quality or have shortcuts and impurities in the making process.

High Quality and Customizable Tungsten Rings

At, we only sell the Tungsten Infinity collection of tungsten rings and can guarantee that our rings won’t eventually discolor, scratch or chip over time. Additionally, all of our rings are of the highest quality cobalt-free tungsten carbide.

We offer wide range of tungsten rings, fully customizable and packaged with some of the best lifetime warranties in the industry. We strive to provide our customers with a fun, hassle-free ordering and delivery service.

Discover the Right Ring for Your Man!

Our tungsten rings come in a variety of styles. We offer plainbrushed and black wedding bands, as well as rings inlaid with sundry materials such as bloodwood, bamboo, koa wood, antler, and even meteorite. Rings can be smooth, grooved or faceted. Since tungsten rings are too hard to engrave with traditional jewelry engravers, we offer special laser-etched rings, and can even produce custom laser-etching.

Although our specialty is tungsten rings, we also offer several other kinds of wedding bands and rings. Our cobalt chrome rings and titanium rings possess the hardness and polished shine that our tungsten rings are known for, but are also lightweight and strong. Our coin ring service can take any coin and mold it into a ring without any cuts, welds or seams.