Men’s Tungsten Online: The One Stop Shop for Tungsten Rings

High quality tungsten rings are hard to find; this is part of the reason there are so many myths out there surrounding the product.  We’re sure you’ve already heard them all, so we aren’t about to dwell on them now.

Instead, we’re going to focus on ourselves, and show you how Men’s Tungsten Online is the ultimate and definitive one stop shop for tungsten rings.

Something for Everyone

Tungsten rings are a growing trend, and these products are quickly starting to grab market share from the traditional favorite metals like gold and silver.

At Men’s Tungsten Online, we have a tungsten carbide ring for everyone, whatever your taste and type of ring you’re looking to purchase.

While our basic options provide a stylish ring, whether you’re looking for a wedding band or fashion accessory, that will make you look sleek, our customized rings offer a full range of possibilities so that you can enjoy wearing something different on your finger.

Our Customized Rings

When it comes to our customized tungsten rings, it really is a case of how far do you want to go.

Black Tungsten Rings

A black tungsten ring gives you a unique look and retains all the strength and durability characteristics of any other tungsten carbide product.  A black tungsten ring really comes into its own when laser engraving is applied, however, as the shine from the tungsten carbide beneath shines through to create a stunning look.

Inlay Tungsten Rings

Another popular range is our inlay tungsten rings.  If you want a tungsten ring that stands out and is different in almost every possible way, then this is the product for you!  ‘Simpler’ inlay materials include wood or bamboo, but if you’re looking for something extra special, we also have truly unique rings such as meteorite and dinosaur bone inlay.

Laser Engraving

Tungsten rings should only be engraved using the laser method.  Using the traditional etching method, engravings on tungsten rings can look ugly and the ring can even become damaged, so it isn’t a good idea to do this.

We are one of only three online companies to offer laser engraving – and the other two send their rings to us so we can do it for them!  This means that by purchasing your tungsten ring from Men’s Tungsten Online, you can get a full-service at the same place, and be sure of the quality and standard of your product and any engraving work we complete on your behalf.