Is Tungsten for You?

Tungsten rings are fast becoming the most popular choice for those getting married , and those who wear jewelry as part of their everyday styling.  You may not have heard about tungsten before, or currently wear any tungsten jewelry haven’t considered it are usually those who don’t understand a great deal about what tungsten is and what it actually can offer.

Rather than run through the benefits of all types of tungsten jewelry, or more specifically rings, we instead will look at some situations that can be a scenario where tungsten is the perfect choice for you!

You Work in a Harsh Environment

Those who wear gold or silver, for example, are all too familiar with the task of having to have their ring repaired or sent away for cleaning on a regular basis.  Tungsten eliminates that

It perhaps is going a little extreme to say a harsh environment, but if you work where your hands are exposed to the outside world, or industrial equipment you will want to seriously consider a tungsten ring. If your hands are exposed to different materials or equipment where you work, then tungsten will be the perfect type of jewelry for you. Tungsten is durable! It's  one of its biggest selling points as it is 10x's tougher than steel and also cannot be damaged or lose its shine once polished. This type of material is perfect for those who have a ring that will be subjected to a variety of conditions.

You Want Something Strikingly Unique

No one should ever buy a tungsten ring just for the sake of wearing something different on their finger.  However, if you want to move away from traditional metals, it is definitely something you should consider.

There is something very special about tungsten that makes it stand out when compared to traditional rare metals used in jewelry making.  Not only does tungsten look better when it has been laser engraved with a special message or pattern. There are a variety of effects such as polishing methods, cuts, inlays and styles you can choose to make your tungsten ring unique and fit your personality. 

It’s For You!

Whatever type of ring you want, you'll find that going with tungsten will fit the bill 9 times out of 10!

Tungsten is for you! You’ll know it the minute you lay your eyes on a high quality tungsten ring.  Don’t waste any more time with jewelry that has high maintinence, needs replacing or repairing on a regular basis, and is going to thin your wallet!

Wear tungsten instead!