Hottest Trends in Men’s Tungsten Rings

Men’s tungsten rings are quickly establishing themselves as one of the hottest trends around, both in terms of wedding jewelry and as fashionable accessories for style conscious men.

People love tungsten rings for a variety of reasons.  While the durability, strength, and everlasting shine of tungsten rings are often held up as the biggest reasons, we must not forget that they look great, too.  If they didn’t, who would want to wear them?

Another element to drive the popularity of men’s tungsten rings is the variety of different products available.  Words like ‘exclusive’ and ‘unique’ are banded around regularly these days, but tungsten rings really do tick both boxes.

Here are some examples of the hottest products available to buy today.

Simple and Trendy

Plain and simple can often see a product given the boring tag, but a plain tungsten band is an excellent purchase whether as a wedding ring or a fashion purchase.

Even with a plain tungsten ring, however, you have options, whether you want a brushed ring to create a two-tone effect or a multi-faceted ring, both allow you to have a simple, stylish tungsten band with a twist.

Inlay Tungsten Rings

Another way to wear a tungsten ring with a difference is to look for a tungsten ring with an inlay.  These rings are produced by sandwiching a unique material in between two pieces of tungsten to create a stunning, seamless product.

The only thing you need to think about is exactly what you want that unique material to be.  If you wanted to play relatively safe you could choose something like wood or bamboo.  However, if you decided to take your style and tungsten ring to another level completely, you’d be able to choose from materials like caribou antler, meteorite, and even dinosaur bone!

Customized products are always a hot trend, and these are no different.

Black Tungsten Rings

While all men’s tungsten rings represent an excellent purchase, no product can rival a black tungsten ring in terms of its unique appearance and appeal.  While we often see people wearing jewelry that is just ‘there’ without being particularly spectacular or standout, a black tungsten ring can never fail to be noticed.

Custom Engraving

Laser engraving of a tungsten ring is also very popular, and is a great way to further enhance an already brilliant purchase.  Laser engraving can be applied to any tungsten ring, and you can go for a personalized message, a date, your name, or a Celtic or Tribal pattern, for example.

Custom engravings look particularly amazing with black men’s tungsten rings, as the tungsten underneath the black coating retains its shine, meaning you get a distinct effect as the color of the tungsten shines through the rest of the ring.

Hot Tungsten Trends

Men’s tungsten rings are a hot trend, and these are some of the hottest products currently available.  Which one would look best on your finger, mean the most to you, and add something exceptional to your style?