Dinosaur Bone
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Dinosaur Bone

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Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the face of the earth. While their age is long since over, their legacy remains: their incredibly beautiful, unique skeletons have been preserved for all mankind to view. Dinosaur bones were fossilized in a manner similar to petrified wood, and make a perfect material for a custom inlaid tungsten wedding band. Our team of experts searches for agatized dinosaur bones, where bone tissue has been replaced naturally by quartz crystals and other colorful minerals. The result is a fossilized material with an incredibly beautiful color and texture. We use different types of dinosaur bones depending on market conditions, price, and availability, which means that every tungsten wedding band with dinosaur bone inlays is completely unique. We offer a vast variety of shades, including blue, orange, red, and brown, depending on availability. The custom ring in the photo is a bone from a Utah raptor that we made for a paleontologist. Only buy the best tungsten wedding bands from Tungsten Infinity. Please note that Dinosaur Bone rings are a custom variety, which means that they do not carry our normal lifetime warranty or a sizing guarantee. Please see the special warranty information on the warranty page below.

Surface Finish Infinity Polish TM
Inlay Dinosaur Bone
Width 8 mm
Thickness 2.4 mm
Weight 18 grams
Availability Special Order 5-7wks

*While we stand behind our rings, please keep in mind that dinosaur bone is not nearly as durable as Tungsten. A bone inlaid ring is not suited for harsh conditions, and is susceptible to chipping, scratching and cracking if not cared for. We have sold hundreds of these rings and most customers don't have any problems, but these rings must be treated with care.

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Our Price: $599.00
Inlay: NA

Yes. Send me a sample ring to make sure of my ring size. This will add 1-2 weeks to the process making it roughly 5-7 weeks to receive your ring. This option is not available for orders outside of the USA.

No. Do NOT send me a sample ring to make sure of my ring size. I am certain of my ring size. This will reduce the time to process making it roughly 4-6 weeks to receive your ring.

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Please note that custom orders will take 5-7 weeks until the ring is shipped.

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Dino Bone

5 out of 5 stars
By Darrin Curl
When I opened the ring I couldn't believe how nice the dinosaur bone looked. Beautiful ring that is a very nice conversation started. Customer service was great. I would recommend that anyone make sure of their size by saying "yes" to the sample size ring.


5 out of 5 stars
By Don
I was nervous to purchase this ring, but it came out beautifully. The dino-bone that I have was a litter shade of blue, but it is a great conversation starter. Great customer service, I'd make a purchase from them again in a heart beat. Thanks!
Custom rings are those that are found in the custom section of the website, or any ring that is inlayed with meteorite, bone, wood, cobaltium, mokume or antler. All custom rings are covered by a 45 day money back warranty due to defects. Custom rings are not covered by the lifetime replacement and sizing warranties. If the ring is defective, it may be sent back to us and we willattempt toperform warranty work on the ring at no cost, but we cannot guarantee the results. Defects due to intentional damage will not be considered for warranty work.
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