Custom Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium is one of the strongest materials on Earth. Much stronger than gold and silver, titanium is used in jewelry to give the wearer strength and durability. When men are looking for a wedding ring that looks great and can keep up with their lifestyle, titanium is at the top of the list.

Titanium and tungsten wedding bands are designed with men in mind because you need something that is going to hold up under pressure. Those who work with their hands need a wedding band that isn't going to crush or bend, which would pose an injury risk to your hand and fingers.

Custom tungsten wedding bands and titanium rings give you control over your wedding ring choice. Rather than settling for a boring ring that matches everyone else's, getting a custom ring allows you to show off your personality. Titanium rings allow you to add a unique design or even embed a diamond. You are in charge and get to have a custom ring that has special personal meaning to you. In addition, titanium rings with special inlays and those that incorporate different types of metal result in rings that feature different colors and shines.

It is easy to find the perfect men's tungsten wedding bands and titanium rings for any man. Learn more about each of the rings we offer below to see the materials they include. When you are ready to place an order, indicate your ring size and whether you'd like to add any laser engraving. Please contact a representative directly if you have any questions.
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Titanium Deco Diamond Ring
8mm Deco Diamond Wedding Band
Price: $1199.00
Titanium Deco Ring
8mm Deco Titanium Wedding Band
Price: $899.00
Titanium Silver Pinstripe Ring
8mm Silver Pinstripe Titanium Ring
Price: $449.00