Tungsten Engagement Bands and Matching Wedding Sets

Do not be fooled into thinking that tungsten carbide wedding bands are just for men.  While this is undoubtedly the biggest piece of the tungsten ring market, the women’s is catching up quickly.

Many people choose their wedding bands based on the engagement ring that the woman in the relationship wears.  Thankfully, you can now buy a wide range of tungsten carbide engagement rings for women, and when the time comes for the big day, you can get the wedding bands to complement it perfectly.

Making it Count

Of course, one of the big dilemmas that couples face when they are choosing wedding bands is it is often the case that the man is not too bothered about the ring he wears.  Their main concerns are usually that they just want something durable and hardwearing.  Thankfully, they are going to get both of those characteristics, and more, from a tungsten wedding band.

Matching Sets

Conscious couples who want to have the same rings can purchase matching sets of tungsten wedding bands.  Although historical tradition has perhaps been for couples to choose each other’s wedding bands, matching pairs tend to be much more popular today.

What about the engagement ring?

Available Options

You can buy tungsten engagement rings for women in a variety of designs and styles.  While traditional tungsten carbide rings similar to what men wear are most popular, there are also options for having a stone set into your tungsten engagement ring, as well as the wedding band itself, should you choose to do so later.

Ultimately, this is going to come down to your own preferences, and whether having matching wedding bands or finding a tungsten band to match an engagement ring matters to you both.

If it does, then you will find several great products available online so you have the perfect engagement and wedding bands.