Dispelling Myths about Titanium and Tungsten Rings

Titanium and tungsten are two of the ‘new age’ metals that are starting to become popular and relegate the likes of gold and silver almost to ‘also ran’ status.  However, with new products and trends come the inevitable myths fuelled by a lack of knowledge around them.  Of course, the thing with myths is that they’re hard to dispel, and often become accepted as fact.

Here, we look to dispel some of the common myths that surround titanium and tungsten rings.

The Strength of the Ring

The Brittle Myth

If only the myth was as brittle as the rings are supposed to be, there wouldn’t be a need for us to be writing this now!  Perhaps the biggest myth is the one that says tungsten, in particular, can be quite brittle and scratch easily on its own, so it is useless as a metal for a ring.

The Stronger Truth

While it is true that 100% tungsten jewellery would be brittle and prone to damage relatively easily, those that peddle this myth generally aren’t aware that tungsten rings are actually tungsten carbide, an alloy.

Tungsten carbide is one of the strongest metals around, the combination with carbon making it stronger and more durable than anything else.  At the same time, titanium is more dense and lighter than most metals, but much stronger, characteristics also shared with tungsten carbide.

Turning Blue

An Off Color Myth

Hands up if you’ve heard the one about the tungsten or titanium ring that turns your finger blue or green.  Quite a few people are aware of this myth, and part of the belief comes from those cheap and cheerful rings we see in fashion stores, which can change the color of your skin owing to their low quality.

Putting Color Back Into It

If you buy a low quality tungsten or titanium ring, then you might find some skin discoloration.  However, if you only buy the highest quality products, there is no chance of it happening.

Losing Your Finger

Off With Pinky

“If you wear a tungsten ring, the only way it can be removed is by cutting off your finger.”  The fact that tungsten and titanium rings cannot be resized, along with their durability and strength, is what drives this myth.

Five on Each Hand

Yes, tungsten and titanium are hard metals, both are durable, and both are brilliantly strong.  However, if for whatever reason it needs to be forcefully removed, you aren’t going to lose a finger, as hospitals have the equipment to cut through your ring, as they already do many times a day for gold and silver ones. Tungsten is the most desirable ring as it can be broken without touching the finger, as a result, you risk no damage to your digits as do other materials.

The bit about resizing isn’t a myth, but by purchasing from a leading business and brand, you’ll be able to enjoy a lifetime ring replacement guarantee, as you can’t expect your fingers to remain the same size and shape forever!