A Guide to Celtic Tungsten Rings

Many different styles and designs are possible when it comes to tungsten rings.  One of the best, undoubtedly, is Celtic patterns.  Celtic designs are rooted in centuries of tradition, with their meanings holding sway with people from Celtic parts of the world even today.  While Celtic patterns are popular as tattoos, for example, merely because of their attractiveness, it is clear the pride they inspire among those who remain proud of their heritage.

A tungsten ring featuring a Celtic pattern or symbol is a great way to demonstrate ones pride and beliefs.  Whether you buy such a product for yourself, as a gift for a loved one or friend, or swap them with your partner on your wedding day, they bring together history, tradition, and a large variety of feelings and emotions.

How they are created

The process for creating a Celtic tungsten ring is straightforward.  The tungsten ring is produced in the usual manner, before high quality, accurate laser engraving is used to create the pattern.  Laser engraving on a tungsten ring ensures a clean, professional finish, which will escalate your level of pride in your new ring to even greater heights.

The Meaning of Symbols

Such is the deep-rooted meaning of Celtic patterns and symbols it is a good idea to check the meaning of them prior to buying a tungsten ring, no matter how attracted you are to the appearance of it.

For example, a continuous pattern that is ‘closed’ is said to symbolize love, therefore would be a natural choice for a tungsten wedding or engagement ring.  A pattern with a start point and a finish point is said to symbolize a journey, such as life.

Celtic Messages

In addition to Celtic designs, an engraved message, such as “Mo Anam Cara – My soul mate,” or “Cairdeas, Grá, Dílseacht - Friendship, Love, Loyalty,” is a thoughtful idea.  If you are not of Celtic heritage yourself, just make sure you are sure of what it says!

A Celtic tungsten band can represent a unique twist on what is already a great product; put some thought into the design and engraving you want, and make your wedding or engagement ring that little bit more special.