Brushed & Faceted Tungsten Ring Finishes

While tungsten wedding bands have rapidly grown in popularity in recent years, brushed & faceted finishes have been among the most popular sub-category when it comes to sales.  Men just love the look and finish of brushed metal, the understated, long lasting shine being the perfect accessory for any man who put durable and hardwearing at the top of his ‘necessary attributes’ list.

Beauty of Brushed and Faceted Finishes

Whether worn as an everyday fashion ring or as a wedding band, brushed finished rings are much loved by men around the world.

The great thing about a brushed finished tungsten ring is that it does not lose any of the other strength and resilience characteristics ordinarily associated with these products, including scratch resistance.  A brushed finish is the perfect one for men who want to wear a high quality piece of jewelry but are conscious of too much shine creating a ‘bling’ appearance.

How Brushed & Faceted Finishes Happen

The best suppliers of tungsten rings will apply a brushed finish by hand, using a grinding wheel.  There are two main possible types of brushed finish, which can usually be applied depending on your own preference, although some rings will be sold based on their finish.

  • A satin finish occurs when a brushed finish is applied to a tungsten ring in two opposite directions.  This gives the ring a sandpaper type look, altering the shine of the ring without any brushing appearing obvious.
  • This is in contrast to a brush finish that is only applied in one direction, making it clear that brushing has been applied.  However, obvious brushing does not do anything to take away from the appearance and desirability of the ring.  The great thing with brush finishing is that it can be applied to a specific part of the ring, so your product can be altered to appear as if it has an inlay, despite being 100% tungsten carbide.

As well as altering the appearance of a ring, applying a brushed finish can change the feel and texture of the ring, giving it a rugged and unique style.

Your Brush and/or Faceted Finished Ring

If you decide to go for a brush finished ring, you can either look for those that are sold as brushed/faceted, or find a ring that you love and discuss brushing/faceted options with the seller.  Different sellers will offer a range of brush/faceted finishes, including those that might be deeper and do more to take the shine from a tungsten band, or ones that apply a very light brush just to take the top layer of shine away.