Tungsten Carbide Men’s Black Diamond Rings and Wedding Bands

If you were drawing up a pyramid of jewelry, there is no doubt that diamond would sit proudly at the top as the most valuable and sought after product.  Whether you follow the old diamonds are a girl’s best friend cliché, or just think they look amazing in an engagement ring, wedding band, or even as a pair of earrings, there is no getting away from their beauty and extravagance.

So what about when we put together diamonds, and black diamonds, that that, and tungsten carbide rings?

About Black Diamonds

The first thing we have to note is the characteristics of black diamonds:

·         Black diamonds can be found naturally, but synthetic diamonds can also be produced

·         Black diamonds share many characteristics with colorless diamonds

·         Under bright light, black diamonds look a dark green

·         Synthetic black diamonds are actually colorless diamonds that have been treated with chemicals or using high pressure, high temperature processes

Characterizing a Black Diamond Ring

It is impossible to use the same basis for comparing a black diamond and colorless diamond ring, simply because they are, in appearance, two unique types of product.  Therefore, we do not look at black diamond rings in terms of clarity and color, as we would generally.

Instead, we simply look at how deep the color is, which then affects how much light can pass through the stone.  It is this characteristic that gives black diamonds their unique, opaque appearance, which set against tungsten carbide creates a stunning looking ring that would look great on anyone’s finger.

Buying a Black Diamond Tungsten Ring

Although black diamond tungsten rings are a relatively new addition to the market, the combination of such a desirable precious stone and the growing general knowledge about the qualities of tungsten carbide rings are sure to see them in high demand.

Whether you just want the ‘simple’ approach of a diamond set into your tungsten carbide ring, or other customizations applied such as laser engraving, the choice is yours.  Look out for great looking diamond tungsten carbide rings, and imagine how good one would look adorning your finger.