Black Tungsten Rings

Perhaps the most unique products on the jewelry market today are men's black tungsten rings. We offer the most unique collection of black tungsten wedding rings on the market today. Black tungsten jewerlry is also very popular for custom engraving. Check out our Engraving section for more details.
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Syracuse Ring

8mm Black Tungsten Band

Price: $169.00
Pescara Ring

6 mm Black Tungsten Ring

Price: $155.00

10mm  Black Polished Mens Rings

Price: $169.00

10mm Retro Laser Engraved Tungsten

Price: $199.00

10mm Laser Engraved Black Tungsten

Price: $219.00

8mm Precision Laser Engraved Tungsten

Price: $199.00
Bloodwood Black

8mm Bloodwood Black Tungsten Ring

Price: $499.00
Pale Moon Ebony Pinstripe

8mm Pale Moon Ebony Black Pinstripe

Price: $499.00
Sindora Black Bevel

8mm Sindora Black Beveled

Price: $499.00
Buckeye Black Beveled

8mm Buckeye Black Beveled

Price: $499.00

8mm Infinity Laser Engraved Tungsten

Price: $199.00

8mm Eadgar Laser Engraved Tungsten

Price: $199.00
Sindora Black Bev II

8mm Sindora Black II

Price: $499.00
Bloodwood Black II

8mm Bloodwood Black Tungsten Ring

Price: $499.00
Pale Moon Ebony II

8mm Pale Moon Ebony Black Beveled

Price: $499.00
Koa Black Beveled

8mm Koa Wood Inlayed in Black Tungsten Ring w/ Beveled Edge

Price: $499.00
Buckeye Black Bev II

8mm Buckeye Black Bev II

Price: $499.00
Union Tierra

8mm Black Coyol Seed Tungsten Ring

Price: $499.00
Union Tierra II

8mm Black Coyol Seed Tungsten Ring

Price: $499.00
Barbed Wire Black

8mm Barbed Wire Black Tungsten Band

Price: $199.00

8mm Molokini Tungsten Tribal Band

Price: $199.00
Prato Ring

8 mm Brushed Black Tungsten Band with Grooves

Price: $169.00
Ferrara Ring

8mm Black Polished Mens Rings

Price: $169.00
Modena Ring
8mm Black and Polished Tungsten Jewelry
Price: $189.00
Ravenna Ring

Black Pipe Cut Tungsten Ring

Price: $169.00
Carpi Ring
8mm Ceramic Ring with Tungsten Inlay
Price: $199.00
Emilia Ring

8mm Beveled Tungsten with inlay

Price: $179.00
Reggio Ring

8mm Tungsten Faceted Rings

Price: $179.00
Messina Ring

8mm Tungsten Band with Black Ceramic Inlay

Price: $179.00

8mm Black Ceramic with Tungsten Inlay

Price: $199.00
Matera Ring

8mm Tungsten Black Carbon Fiber Inlay

Price: $169.00
Sale Price: $101.40

Backed by a money back guarantee, lifetime warranty and sizing, Tungsten InfinityTM offers the highest quality black tungsten rings on the market today. Most rings ship within 1 business day!