How to Find Out Your Tungsten Ring Size

If you are going to invest in a luxurious product such as a tungsten ring, you want it to be perfect.  The biggest consideration to make with any purchase of a ring, before you start looking at customizations and other personal touches, such as engraving, is the size of your tungsten ring.

You’ll be pleased to know that finding out your tungsten ring size is very similar to doing the same thing for rings made of gold, silver, and other materials.  Rather than just tell you the differences, we will run you through the whole process so that you consider everything and don’t miss anything out.

This simple guide is relevant to either trying on tungsten rings in a shop, or discovering your size using a ring sizer.

Finding Comfort

Ensure that the ring sits comfortably on your finger, and that you can envisage yourself having it on there all day.  Remember that it should be difficult to remove.  You should be able to get it off, however.  If you have heard horror stories about having to have your finger removed should you damage your ring, forget about them.

Don’t choose a ring size based on the ease of putting it on or removing; you will end up with one too big if you do.

When to Measure

Various factors can affect the size of your finger throughout the day.  We are not talking drastic changes, but enough to make the difference between a size or two.

It is best to check your ring size at the end of the day when temperatures are coolest.  This way, your finger will be relaxed and not swollen or puffy in any way, and you will get the most accurate idea of the ring size you need.

When You Receive Your Ring

If you are unsure about the sizing, wear the ring for a few days and see if it is suitable.  Of course, it will be obvious if your tungsten ring is miles out from where it needs to be, but if you were unsure or between sizes initially, it is definitely worth trying the ring and seeing if you get used to it.

Worth Remembering

If you go for a wider ring, it will naturally feel tighter, so you will move up the sizes.  Don’t automatically think that you will be the same ring size if you already wear another ring; it always pays to check.

Finally, relax when selecting your ring size.  It is about your comfort and how the ring looks and feels on you.  If your ring does not fit, you can always swap it for a new one hassle free; do not worry if it takes a few attempts to find your perfect size!